Software developer company, Tigra to expand in Szeged

Software developer company, Tigra to expand in Szeged

Tigra IT Ltd. opened its brand new 650 sqm office in Szeged. The company is already in Szeged for 5 years and decided to move into a bigger office because of the continuous expansion of the activities. The company was established 22 years ago in 2 university dormitory rooms and now they are operating 4 IT companies with 550 employees, mainly software developers.

György Vertán – founder and business owner of Tigra – noted that they are proud to have the same company name, tax number and bank account number in the last 25 years. The main profile of the company is programming. They are operating in Szeged for 5 years and try to be stable player in the Hungarian IT sector.

The company’s customer base includes large companies such as Allianz Insurance, Budapest Bank or the German T-Punkt GmbH store chain.

Tigra new office in Szeged

The company has references in the Hungarian market as well. A good example is that Tigra carried out the development of a rescue management system which replaced the magnetic boards at the National Ambulance Service. This allows real-time, map-based tracking of ambulances and sending the right unit to the accident scene from the center – thus speeding up the rescue process.

“We also continuously fulfil Hungarian government orders. Here, in the country, for example, we worked many times for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nowadays, in Hungary there are lots of government orders, mainly developments from EU funds however, currently there is not enough IT companies and programmers to perform all the orders. We are also constantly overburdened and that is why we are expanding our office in Szeged.

We are trying to maintain good business relationship with the University of Szeged. We have been participating in a joint, dual training program for years. We are planning to expand our team of 25 to 50 and that is why we moved from the Gutenberg Street to a much larger office on József Attila Avenue” – said György Vertán.

Gábor Pávlicz – the manager of the new office – added that they are working together with the University of Szeged on a telemedicine research and development project. This team also works on the development of the electronic registry system and on the improvements of the RSR rehabilitation specialist system earlier developed by Tigra.

During the planning of the new 650 sqm office the main aspect was the creative work environment. The office is characterized by state-of-the-art infrastructure, sophisticated interior design solutions, and ample natural light, so that a truly inspirational and human-friendly workplace awaits its employees.

“In the third-floor office the workstations are adapted to different projects and in the middle of the office area round shaped “islands” are created for those who would like to rest a bit during the working hours. There are two separate meeting rooms which can be opened if needed, a “recharge” room and a kitchen and dining room” – said Mária Gönczöl, operational manager.

We try to ensure a suitable place to work where employees can feel like home in order to keep our colleagues and hire new people more easily – said the operational manager and also added that besides the creative workspace they try to offer new exciting challenges for the employees.

Tigra new office in Szeged

“We chose Szeged because the IT trainings are excellent in the city. Previously we had a colleague from Szeged who worked in our Budapest office and we organised the Szeged team around him because we needed a strong local professional manager. We have a really good relationship with the municipality, we received a lot of help from them, for example with their help we found this new office location.  Today, we have several colleagues formerly working in Budapest, who immediately moved back to Szeged when we opened the office here five years ago. Szeged is a loveable and very liveable city where our colleagues are happy to move back” – said György Vertán.

Check the video of Szeged Television about the opening of the new office: